Month: July 2012

Been too Long!!

Sometimes we have the very best intentions and then it goes terribly wrong….  I’m not sure what happened I just one day stopped blogging and forget it was even here until I got my renewal notice.  That was just sad on my part.  I know I don’t have many followers if any but still I should at least try to keep this current.  I mean you never know when the Zombie Apocalypse will happen and there should be some history of what life was like.  That being said I’m not sure my history will do much beside cure insomnia.

Ok, this being a technology blog lets think about what is next.  I am toying with the idea of working on 3D video.  After all I just upgraded to a new 3D TV so I should have some video to go with.  I am currently looking at the Go Pro 3D and this off brand camera.  If I do the Go Pro I have other uses as I currently have ½ of what I need.  But this system doesn’t shoot in real 3D it is the red and green.  I’m still checking to see if Adobe Premier or Finalcut Pro could use it to do real 3D.  Getting mixed answers.  The other camera shoots in the real 3D format.  The drawback is I could only use it for 3D.  Decisions, Decisions… So stay tune for my decision, samples and reviews.